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Babysitter Education & Safety Training

B E S T by Start the Heart, teaches babysitter skills, awareness, responsibilities, prevention, safety, childcare, behavior/injury management and the prevention for specific ages and stages of children.

What age group is the Babysitter Education & Safety Training intended for? 

The Babysitter Education & Safety Training is for adolescents who are ready to start babysitting or simply want to stay home alone for a reasonable time period. This course is designed for adolescents 11-14 years old. Kids come from all over the Pittsburgh region to enjoy this empowering course. This is the Babysitter course that kids are raving about!

Impacting the lives of children for the better.                                community-training-masthead

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Pet Emergency Training

This is an excellent course for anyone who has the privilege of owning a Dog or Cat.

What does the Pet Emergency Training course include?

The Pet Emergency Training course includes PET CPR and First Aid, providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to assist and aid your PET in an emergency situation.  This class provides every student with hands-on PET CPR manikin practice.


CPR & Emergency First Aid / 3-hour course

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Minimum:  8 people at our Wexford training center and 12 people minimum on-site at your location.



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Personal Safety Awareness Training

Safety Awareness is the ability to identify, process and comprehend the critical elements of what is happening at the moment. It’s about paying attention to your surroundings. It’s the ability to scan the environment and sense danger, challenges and opportunities while maintaining the ability to conduct normal daily activities.

The Personal Safety Awareness Training is for YOU!

Personal Safety Awareness Training is not merely to educate you on potential safety threats and what you can do to prevent them but to suggest you have a larger goal to increase and enhance your focus on the importance of heightened awareness. This will serve as an additional layer of defense against personal safety threats.



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Fire Extinguisher Training

What does this course cover?

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Hemorrhage Control

Who is this course intended for?

This course is intended for you! It is for everyone!

Bystanders are always the first on the scene, even before the Emergency Responders. What a bystander does to help a person in need of First Aid can mean the difference between life and death, literally. A person can die from blood loss within minutes if hemorrhaging is not controlled.

This course teaches but is not limited to: