Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my child/infant to class with me? I may have a childcare issue.

Please make other arrangements for child/infant care during your scheduled class time. We teach with intensity for this is a life-saving course.  Our classes require every student’s full attention, and participation in the class and/or during the practice/skills test session. Thank you.


Do I receive a Certification or Completion card?

You will receive a 2 yr. e-Card within 8 hours of the class.  It is considered a Completion card.


How long is my Completion Card good for?

CPR / AED – 2 years
First Aid – 2 years
Bloodborne Pathogen – 1 year


Does the Bloodborne Pathogen course require a Skills Check?

No, this is the only course that does NOT require a Skills Check.


What do I do if I have a technical problem with an online course?
Call Scott  724.622.7292


What do I do after I complete an online course?

You must print the COMPLETION/ACKNOWLEDGEMENT form and bring it to your Hands-on Practice /  Skills Test session.


If I cannot make my Skills Test Session that I signed up for, what should I do? Can I reschedule it?

Yes! Contact us before your scheduled class and we will reschedule your Skills Test session for you.


Contact Us


What if I desperately need my BLS card or my ACLS card immediately and cannot wait until the next Skills Test session? Can you help me?

Call Start the Heart   724.622.7229   We will try to arrange to have one of our instructors come in and do a private Skills Test session for you.

There is a $50 upcharge, in addition to the standard BLS Skills test fee.  

There is a $75 upcharge, in addition to the standard ACLS Skills test fee.

100% of this fee is for the instructor and it is paid directly to the instructor at the time of the skills test.  Cash only.                                                       


Do I get a manual when I take an Online Blended course?

Yes! You will have access to the Online course material.


 Why is there a price difference between an ECSI course and an AHA course?

It is simply because the AHA course material costs us more, which is then passed on to the consumer.


Do the Classroom courses offer the same information as the Online courses?

Yes! They provide the same information. It is really about you and how you prefer to learn. This is a personal decision that only you can make.


Do I receive the same Completion Card if I take the Classroom course vs the Online course?

Yes! The same 2-year eCard is issued for both training options, Online or Classroom.


Can I get a refund on any class or Online training?

Start the Heart has a NO refund policy. Please read our policy carefully before submitting your registration.


Where is Start the Heart located?

Pine Center

11269 Perry Highway   (Rt. 19)
Wexford, PA 15090


Is it true that every student gets ” DARK CHOCOLATE” when they attend a class at Start the Heart?

YES, you do!!!  Dark chocolate is good for your heart!  Enjoy! 🙂



Watch this video…


Watch this video…

What is Commotio Cordis?

Commotio Cordis is an uncommon episode of ventricular fibrillation, an abnormal heart rhythm, which leads to sudden cardiac arrest. It is induced by a sudden blunt trauma to the chest area such as: a direct blow from a baseball, hockey puck, lacrosse ball, or any other high velocity object. In any sport, this condition may be triggered by a collision with another player or a stationary object even if a person is wearing properly fitted and approved body/chest protection.

Please visit http://www.LA12.org to learn more about Commotio Cordis.

ACLS / BLS / CPR / First Aid